Presenters and Paper Titles

Kwame Aidan Ahaligah, ‘Prophetic Prayers’, Pentecostalism and the Bible in Contemporary Kenyan Politics

Ward Blanton, Singular Politics: Paul among the Autonomists, Agamben among the Judeans

Panel discussion: Eliza Filby, James Crossley, and Hugh Pyper, From Thatcher’s Bible to the God of the Scottish National Party

Ross Maidment, Selfish Individualism or Christian Principle: A Critique of Margaret Thatcher’s Idea of Individual Liberty with Reference to Methodism

Craig Martin, ‘Spirituality’ and Opiate of the Bourgeoisie

Justin Meggitt, Jesus, Insurrection and the Politics of Prefiguration

John Warwick Montgomery, Christian Concern UK: Evangelicals contra Irreligion in an Increasingly Secular Britain

Lloyd Pietersen, Forget going to bed with Farage, Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband and instead wake up with an Anabaptist: The Schleitheim Confession as Political Subversion

Michael Sandford, Jesus and the Left in 2015: Radical Biblical Interpretation and Emancipatory Politics

Yvonne Sherwood, Blasphemous Cartoons: the Old Threat of Secularism and the New Threat of Islam

Adriaan van Klinken, Pentecostalism, Nationalist Politics and the ‘Demon of Homosexuality’ in Zambia

Tiffany Webster, Contextual Bible Study and the Challenge of Negative Political Memory: A Reflection upon the Difficulties of Working in Thatcher’s Shadow


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